Clyde is a small town in Central Otago, New Zealand. It is nestled at the entrance to the Cromwell Gorge now flooded by the huge concrete hydro dam built near the town. The old gorge road was a severe test of mettle for early miners and horse teams on their way to the goldfields further north. They often paused in Clyde to prepare for the rigours ahead.

The town is surrounded by an area renowned first for gold then for its stone fruit orchards, especially in the Earnscleugh district which thrived in the hot summers. In the 1980s grapes were planted with local vineyards producing their internationally renowned Pinot Noir. Many buildings dating from the early gold mining era have survived and the town centre has been declared an historic precinct. Some buildings have been reburbished as cafes, bars, and places to stay.
Until fairly recently, Clyde was a summer town with dozens of holiday homes. In winter only the locals braved the bitter cold. Today it is a popular tourist destination and a centre for the hire of bikes for the Rail Trail and new biking trails. The population is now more than 1000 as more people come to settle in this thriving little town.

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Clyde Wine & Food Harvest Festival is proud to be the sole Kiwi option featured in Expedia’s ‘Ultimate Local Foodie Festival Guide’. We’ve been picked alongside internationally renowned events like Taste of Sydney and Melbourne as the best festivals to get your culinary fix.

Clyde, a small town in central Otago, emerged during the New Zealand gold rush in the 1800s, but nowadays you’ll find more fine wines than precious metals in this town. In fact, our event champions what Clyde is known for in the 21st century –having the world’s most southerly vineyards, hidden within Central Otago’s rich landscape and surrounded by its schist rock hills.

The Easter Sunday festival has over 30 food and drink stalls in place to quench the thirsts and sate the appetites of the food-and- drink lovers worldwide who make a pilgrimage to this town every year.

Pick up an exclusive Clyde Wine & Food Harvest Festival glass and taste test your way around the best of the regions wines, including its renowned pinot noir. When you’re done, there’s music, art exhibitions and market stalls touting local products to enjoy.






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