Clyde is in the centre of the driest, hotest and coldest area of New Zealand.

The annual rainfall is 300mm (12 inches) of rain. (see below for note concerning Rain Radar)

The humidity is generally very low and the hot days of Summer are very manageable.

Similarly in Winter, after a hard frost, the days are frequently beautifully sunny and dry.

We can get snow, but its generally just a few centimetres. We can get fog and, at times, this can hang around for a few days, leading to the most beautiful hoar frost patterns.

For photographs in the various seasons visit Promote Dunstan

John Smith of Clyde, who managed the original Clyde website, is the manager of Alpine Agriculture Ltd and the business website provides access to a wealth of weather information and the view from a webcam in Clyde. Some of the public links ALPNZ provides are also provided here.

N.B. If you access the Rain Radar site you might find that you cannot move from Time slot to Time slot to view the predicted rainfall. This is a fault in Internet Explorer 8 and can be remedied by going to the page then using your Explorer Tools menu and selecting Compatability View. That seems to fix the problem.


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