Walks around Clyde

There are many lovely walks around Clyde. Some are short and some are longer. Those listed here are generally of the shorter variety and are relatively easy. Each has a map which indicates its 'degree of difficulty' - although this is, of course, subjective.

For those interested in longer walks it is suggested that you contact The Clyde Off-Road Walkers. They walk each Monday and Wednesday, leaving at 9am and returning about 3pm.

The contacts are : Judy Blanch 03 449 2580 and Elinor Edgar 03 448 6767

Would you like to send feedback about a walk - and maybe a photograph or two which you took. Send them to us by email and we will add them to the relevant walk page.

Each of the shorter walks listed here has its own map.

Walking map details :

The red circle on the map indicates the starting point. You can, of course start your walk from anywehere along the track.

A green rectangle on some maps indicates an important feature (e.g. a lookout)

'Easy' walks involve no strenuous uphill or downhill.

'Moderate' walks may well involve the odd steep pinch.

'Hard' walks will involve quite a bit of uphill work.

Remember that, at times, you may be passing through private property. Please respect this. Remember when passing through a gate to leave it as you found it. If it was shut then shut it after you. If it was open then leave it open.

Clyde is very dog friendly but we work hard to keep it that way. Don't let your dog scare other kept animals (e.g. sheep, hens etc). Remove any dog messages of the solid variety.




These are not, of course, the only walks around Clyde. There are many others, including the official 'Walk Around Clyde', following the brochure produced by Promote Dunstan.

Click on the image below (or here) to download a pdf document containing all of the walks.

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