The street map above is part of the free map of both Alexandra and Clyde produced by Buchan Design (Tel 03 446 8982) and is available from the Information Centre in Alexandra as well as all tourist outlets in the region.

There are two excellent viewpoints of the town worth visiting. The first (1) is off the main highway in the top left hand corner of the town map below and the second (2) is accessed via Fruitgrowers Road in the bottom left of the area map below. The second is not well marked when you drive to it. Once the road flattens at the top of the hill and you come to the sign warning that it's four-wheel drive country from there on, turn right off the road and drive about 100m down the side track to the lookout. Ordinary cars can manage to this point very easily. (It you have a four-wheel drive then its a nice trip to carry on up and over the top down to Bannockburn).

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