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Clyde has numerous businesses operating from within the township. Many have pages within this website. Others are listed here.



If yours is not listed here then contact us to rectify the situation.

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Computer software and website design    

Rory Butler
7A The Dunes, Cromwell 9310
Phone 021 0905 7907
Email : randcbutler@inspire.net.nz


Boarding Kennels for Dogs

K9 BnB

Who: Doug Mackenzie
Where: 389 Letts Gully Road, RD 3, Alexandra
Phone: 448 7754

Accommodation for dogs of all sizes.
Vaccination required
Dogs exercised as required
- daily walk below

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Section clearing, Septic tank removal, driveways, tree removal    

Clyde cartage and Contracting

harveyclyde@xtra.co.nz Ray Harvey
027 436 4456
03 449 2181
A/Hrs 449 2550
harveyclyde@xtra.co.nz harveyclyde@xtra.co.nz








Lawn Mowing, Garden Maintenance and Design    
Who: Alan May
Where: 2 Annan Street, Clyde
Phone: 449 3268

Specialising in large scale mowing


Unique Crop Management Systems


Course Training by registered NZ Horticulture Industry Training Organisation, Workplace Assessor, Production Horticulture, Viticulture, Nursery, Fruit, Organics, registration number: S1073. 

web site : http://www.Uprune.com


Who: The Manager,  U-prune.com
Where:  Clyde Camp, 1 Whitby Street, Clyde, NZ

 General enquiry email:  contactus@uprune.com  
 Consultancy email:        consultancy@uprune.com




Biology@Work is a small company run by Ray Annan based in Clyde, Central Otago. The primary focus, and mission statement of the company is to deliver biological options to enhance a business in a cost effective way.

Our core business is Compost Tea Brewing and Humate supply, in which we have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Achieving balance in soil between the Biological, Physical and Nutrient ratios is important for the well being of stock and the growth of nutrient dense crops. With this in mind, Biology@Work will work with people beginning with physical soil assessments. This is quite often followed by a regime of appropriate soil testing be it Biological, Nutrient or both. A program is then developed specifically for the crops involved.

Ray Annan

Ph 03 449 3028 or Mob 021 583 541

Mcarthur Road, Clyde

Email : r.annan@xtra.co.nz


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